Special thanks to Ken Grossman, president of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and the Chair of the Brewers Association Technical Committee. Ken galvanized the creation of the Draught Beer Quality Working Group (DBQ) in 2007 and the Draught Beer Quality Manual (DQM) in 2008 via collaborative efforts throughout the brewing community. Beer consumers acknowledge and appreciate the time and dedication he and his colleagues continue to put forth in support of great draught beer.

Thanks to the many brewing industry colleagues who worked on the development of the second edition of the DQM. Their input, expertise, and commitment to consistently delivering the highest possible quality of draught beer to the consumer is much appreciated. Affiliations below were as of the time of publication of the second edition of the DQM in August 2011.

Draught Beer Quality Working Group

Anheuser-Busch InBev: Cian Hickey, Tim Raw
Boulevard Brewing Company: Neil Witte
Brewers Association: Paul Gatza, Charlie Papazian, Bob Pease, Tim Sloan, Chris Swersey
Cicerone® Certification Program: Ray Daniels
Draught Beer Guild: Martin Schuster
The Gambrinus Company: Jaime Jurado
Lucky Bucket Brewing Company: Zac Triemert
MillerCoors: Steve Armstrong, Jeff Ball, Ernie Jimenez, Scott Nielsen
New Belgium Brewing Company: Matt Meadows
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company: Rob Gerrity, Ken Grossman, Laura Harter, Charles Kyle

Industry Equipment Suppliers

Thanks to those suppliers who graciously allowed the use of their graphics and equipment information in the DQM and on this site:

Banner Equipment Company
McDantim, Inc.
Micro Matic, Inc.
Perlick Corporation


Thanks to the following breweries for providing images used in the DQM and on this site:

Anheuser-Busch InBev
Avery Brewing Company, Boulder, Colo.
Block 15 Brewing Company, Corvallis, Ore.
Real Ale Brewing Company, Blanco, Texas

The Brewers Association also wishes to thank the United States Department of Agriculture and the Colorado State Department of Agriculture for their support and funding of the Draught Beer Quality Manual.