Draught beer can deliver the ultimate brewery-fresh flavor experience to your glass. Whether you’re passionately devoted to beer, or an occasional beer drinker, your taste buds will automatically seek out beer at retail establishments that do a good job delivering great tasting beer.

Many things have to happen in order for your beer to taste great. Brewers, wholesalers and retailers each play important role in the task of providing fresh beer. You should have high expectations for great tasting draught beer and reward retailers who consistently deliver with your patronage.

Great Draught Beer Should Be:

  • Stored cold from brewery to bar: Brewery-fresh flavor is maximized when beer is kept cold. Warmer temperatures cause beer to lose peak flavor more quickly.
  • Tapped fresh with well rotated stock: Think of beer like liquid bread, it’s best when served fresh.
  • The Facts About Draught Beer Carbonation: Your beer should be dispensed with the proper gas. CO2 or CO2/N2 blends are the only gases that should ever come into contact with draught beer. Compressed air should never be used.
  • The Facts About Draught System Cleaning: The number one reason your favorite beer brand may taste “off” is poor beer line hygiene.
  • “Frosted Glassware is not Cool: Temperature Tips for Craft Beer Retailers”: This article explains what you should expect when ordering a draught beer.
  • The Right Beer Glass: A resource dedicated to helping you find the right glass for your draught beer.

  • Draught Beer Basics: Four Keys to Excellent Beer Service: Cold beer, dispensed through clean lines, into beer-clean glassware, properly poured by knowledgeable staff should be your expectation.
  • Draught beer should be presented to you with a lasting, attractive foam collar: A proper head releases aromas that increase the pleasure of drinking beer, and assures you that the beer was properly dispensed into a beer-clean glass.

More Information for Beer Consumers

  • Website aimed to energize and engage craft beer enthusiasts and arm them with the resources to be active and educated appreciators of the ever-expanding craft beer movement.
  • Beer 101: This one hour basic beer knowledge course from is $15 and comes with a certificate of completion.
  • More Technical Draught Beer Info: A collection of resources about your favorite beverage can be found in column on the right side of this page.
  • What’s Wrong with My Beer?: This infographic comes from the article “When Craft Beer Goes Bad: A Guide to Refusing a Beer” and explains what to do if the beer you’re served isn’t at its best.