Fact Sheets

A series of concise, easy-to-read documents used to communicate critical information about serving beer to retailers, wholesalers and line cleaning service providers. May be downloaded free of charge and printed or reproduced as needed.

  • Draught Beer Basics: Four Keys to Excellent Beer Service: Cold beer, delivered through clean lines, poured into beer-clean glassware, and presented with the proper head.
  • The Facts About Air Compressors: Compressed air should never be used to dispense beer.
  • The Facts about 25/75 Gas: So called “Guinness Blend” or G-Mix, and why 25% CO2 / 75% N2 should never be used for dispensing regularly carbonated beer.
  • The Facts about Draught System Cleaning: Steps for maintaining the hygiene of your draught beer system.
  • Draught Line Cleaning Log: Downloadable log to post outside your draught beer cooler.
  • The Facts About Beer Carbonation: Details on choosing the right gas blend and gas pressure to achieve properly carbonated draught beer.
  • The Facts About Growlers: Keep growlers clean, cold and dark, and enjoy promptly and responsibly.