The single most common cause of problems pouring draught beer is incorrect temperature. Check the temperature of your kegs, the keg storage area, and the beer being dispensed at the tap. The majority of draught beer will pour best under 40°F, with 38°F being ideal. Warmer temperatures will cause foaming at the tap.

Gas Outage

The next most common cause of problems is a dispensing gas outage. If the beer won’t pour at all, check the pressure of your CO2 and Nitrogen sources to make sure they haven’t run out, and check to make sure gas is being delivered to your kegs.

Troubleshooting Charts
These charts are organized by type of draught beer system:

  • Direct Draw Systems: Short distance runs (usually under five feet), with kegs located directly under or behind the bar, and most frequently air cooled.
  • Air Cooled Systems: Longer runs (usually no more than about 25 feet) that use cold air to maintain beer temperatures between the keg and the tap.
  • Glycol Cooled Systems: Longer runs that use chilled glycol to maintain cold beer temperatures from the cooler to the tap.